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I have now decided after long consideration to close this site.

I want to thank all who have used the site and help improve it for their time


Once again thanks you have all been great and so long farewell!

Dudemaster1995 ; )


Check out my new site

This site is Temporarily closed!!

Thank you for your wait


The new party is out and the new free item is out and it is a st patricks day hat. But to all people who read this post i would like to say Happy Paddy’s day or top of the morning to ya!


The new book is painting by letters and is in book shop on bottom shelf

You can play the game by making up your own story


go to and watch it


The new pin thats is out is a pic of what G is building and you can find in swimming pool room above the lifeguard ladder

Submarine party has come to cp this week and has some great decorations like a octopus hanging off a building and and the coffee shop has being changed to (Mermaid coffee and has a pic of a penguin with a tail.

This is a pic from newspaper



The new stage is out and looks like a school basketball game and it has some kwl costumes in the trunk

Notice it is quite like  High school musical theme (we are breaking free lol)